Management Support Systems ( MSS SUITE)

Strategic Management Supporting System

  • Vision and Mission Statement Generation
  • Internal, External, Competition, Stakeholder and Industry Analysis
  • Internal and External Matrix Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Strategy Cascade to Business and Strategic Goals and Objectives
  • Balanced Scored Card Generation
  • BSC Cascade to Business Units and Operation Objectives
  • Strategic Indicators Definition
  • Strategic Indicators Measurement and Monitoring
  • Strategic Management Execution Projects and Initiatives Definition
  • Management Report Generation based on Strategic indicators and Strategic Projects Progress
  • Strategy and Process Alignment

Business Process Management Supporting System

  • Business Process Definition
  • Enterprise Business Process Map Generation
  • End to End Process Identification Generation
  • Business Process Hierarchy Generation
  • Business Process Flowchart Definition
  • Business Process Integration Analysis
  • Business Process Management Indicators Definition
  • Business Process Indicators Monitoring and Measurement
  • Management Reports Generation based on Monitoring and Measurements
  • Business Process Change and Configuration Management
  • Business Process Cascade to System Process
  • Process and Strategy Alignment


Business Intelligence Supporting System

  • Systematical Integration with MIS and ERP Systems for Data Extraction
  • Generating Information for Management Decision Making Processes base on Organizational Data
  • Business Intelligence Indicators Analysis and Definition
  • Management Report Generation based on BI indicators
  • Flexible and Dynamic Dashboards Creation
  • Enterprise Information Integration and Alignment

Knowledge Management supporting system

  • Staff Yellow Page Creation based on their Educational and Experimental Records
  • Enterprise Knowledge Map Generation
  • Staff’s Experiments and lesson Learned Recording
  • Document and Content Management
  • Enterprise Knowledge, Experiment and Content Sharing
  • Enterprise Collaboration Tools (Conference rooms, Video Conferences, chat rooms and …)
  • Enterprise Knowledge Gap Analysis
  • Systematic Coaching and Mentoring support