Cloud Computing Solutions

One of the new approaches in providing IT services to organizations and industrial complexes is Outsourcing services in the way of Cloud Computing with the aim of increasing the quality of services, Reducing the costs and increasing the use of IT. IRISA Company, in response to its customers’ needs to IT services and reduction of their challenges in deploying these systems, uses cloud computing approaches to enhance the value offered to customers and in this context, IRISA company provides cloud-based services. IRISA company, offers its services in the field of cloud computing in the two groups as it follows:

  • Network and Infrastructure Services (IaaS):

By using cloud computing the possibility to provide services within the organization or outside the organization has become available and even the use of external infrastructure for hosting services and data information by maintaining full control of the organization is on information resources. Collection of Services that IRISA company provides in network and infrastructure by cloud computing model are listed as below:

  • Hosting Server service
  • Backup service and disaster recovery
  • LDAP service
  • DNS Hosting service
  • Emailing Service
  • Updating Services
  • Anti-Virus Services


  • Security services in format of MSSP


Due to the Complexity increase of Cyber-attacks, Organizations need to obtain more skills and employ more specialized staff to Deal with security threats. though modern businesses need to provide security around the clock in 7 days, there is little possibility to fulfill the need on their own sources. outsourcing the Selected security services provides The possibility of transferring the burden of diagnosis and encountering the security risks for organizations. in this case, While the organization is responsible for security and business risks, in risk management and how to deal with that it can be benefited from the collaboration of a specialized center. To reduce the customers’ costs and to increase agility in providing services, the cloud computing model is used to provide managed security services. The collection of cloud service that IRISA company provides in the field of security are listed in the following:

  • log management
  • log management and management of information security (SIEM)
  • virtual SOC
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Perimeter defense

Endpoints Security