Network & Infrastructure Department

After IRISA was founded in 1992 and carrying out various projects in different organizations, and at the same time, the expansion use of computer systems in organizations, utilization of network infrastructure and computer networks, according to engineering principles and standards to be developed and implemented became inevitable.
Therefore, it was expected from IRISA as a renowned ICT company to be entered in this area in response to the customers’ needs and follow its mission to participate in projects and seek appropriate solutions in the design and implementation of computer networking for enterprises and industries.
Upon this demand, the BU of network and infrastructure was formed in 2002 and started its activities independently alongside other former units of the company.
Now with the benefit of technical ability and expertise of more than 50 experts and technicians in related fields to infrastructure and computer networks as well as data security and compliance with standards and technology and market requirements, valuable national projects at level organizations and various industries have successfully completed or are being implemented.
This unit believes that human resources are the main key to achieve its goals, therefore recruitment and use of expertise is highly persuade, and to gain technical knowledge and access to update technologies, its focusing on training, education, and research of the staff. Quality Performance of projects according to time schedule and customers satisfaction are important goals of the project and services.