Industrial Automation Department

This department by having more than 120 experienced experts and specialists is able to carry out all stages of engineering, design, procurement and installation of industrial control systems projects at levels I, II and III in different industries. Because of this advantage, Irisa is one of the few companies in Iran which has been carrying out many projects at all levels of automation. Also, all activities associated with these systems in the fields of electrical and instrumentations are done by our specialists.
In automation Level I segment, there is potential and capability of using the world’s distinguished brands and equipment. In this part of the software has been used to design the panels and high-quality work done. Here, the designs of cabinets are performed based on up-to-date software, and the tasks have been running with high quality work. At the software section of level I, ingenious methods and object-oriented are designed which has made IRISA unique in this area, and all projects in all industries, especially in the steel industry are executable with proper quality.
In automation Levels II and III, design, development and implementation of the infrastructure has been implemented with new technology, which are operational in industry, and in collaboration with domestic and foreign companies, mathematical models are developed to be useable at this level of automation. IRISA is now standing among distinguished foreign companies in terms of abilities and performances for presenting such solutions.