Enterprise information systems (IS SUITE)

This product is a software system that consists of:

  • Technology Stack
  • Application Foundation
  • Application System

In this respect the basic idea is based on ERP infrastructures where application systems will be founded on infrastructure called IS-Suite Foundation.

Technology Stack consists of several layers including Middleware, Database, Operating System, Virtual Machine, Server and Storage. In these layers, selection and deployment of technologies are based on end-user’s requirements and standards. Application Foundation layer is the next layer which is prepared by IRISA and application systems are built upon this.

This application foundation is consisting of frameworks, libraries, tools and facilities required to produce the application systems which are standardized and integrated in a horizontal infrastructure system and the other application systems are stacked on this infrastructure.

This infrastructure is easily deployable apart from project type, project seize, employer organization, project team and the number and variety of application systems, etc. By deploying of this infrastructure all application systems would be enhanced with minimal changes.

Some facilities and capabilities of this infrastructure are as follows:

  • Security and User Permission Management and Auditing
  • Master Data Management
  • Menu Management
  • Workflow
  • Report Generator
  • Message Send and Receive
  • Document Attachment
  • Data Change Logging
  • Schedule Job Management
  • Calendar
  • Change Management

Significant features:

  • Applying state of the art technologies to deploy a three-tier system
  • Total integration with production systems in layer 3 (MES) and layer 4
  • Meet customer requirements in all layers, including management and operational layers
  • Based on executives’ best practices in manufacturing and servicing sectors (particularly in steel industry)
  • Simplicity of development and deployment
  • Applying various standards, libraries and frameworks in different layers for uniformity and standardization of systems
  • IRISA’s technical support and maintenance (7*24)
  • Reduction costs of: installation, implementation and deployment of information systems in organizations

Reduction costs of: development, deployment, technical support and maintenance of information systems in organizations