Subsidiary Companies


shakhes Espadan  Shakhes control engineering company This company presents engineering services, consulting, supervision, supply, installation, maintenance and support of projects as well as procurement and sale of specialized electrical equipment, instrumentation and industrial automation.By providing comprehensive solutions to meet customer needs, Shakhes optimizes and improves the performance and quality systems used in various industries.By using the latest methods and technologies in the world and indigenous technologies which are the results of local knowledge and creativities aligned with the technology needs of customers will create values for them.

Engineering Decision Support Systems Takbon offers and implementation of decision support systems, planning and production scheduling, designing of inventory management systems, Feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis, supply chain management including: location, allocation, distribution, and transport to meet the needs of customers.

International Education of Science Information Technology Co. Soroush Sepahan(SITCO)

SITCO is a presenter of IT education and representative of NIIT in Iran which by providing educational methodology of LACC, utilizes the needs of its customers in the field of information technology.