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International Systems and Automation Engineering Company (IRISA) was established in 1992 with the national strategic goals of the Ministry of Industries and Mines and senior managers of Mobarakeh Steel.
The establishment of Mobarakeh Steel Complex, which had entered Iran from European countries, was formed and in 2016, it received its knowledge-based license from the Vice President for Science and Technology.
Coinciding with the establishment of the company, about 100 experts and specialists of Mobarakeh Steel Complex, who have gained experience in implementing management information systems and industrial automation of the huge Mobarakeh Steel project through cooperation with European companies such as GTI, ILVA, SIEMENS, Airisa Founded.

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With more than 200 experienced and specialized experts in the fields of industrial engineering, software engineering and other related fields, Irisa Information Systems Unit is responsible for providing comprehensive and integrated information systems to its customers. One of the most important goals of this unit is , Assisting the excellence and growth of organizations by supporting the optimal implementation of organizational processes and functions, and in this regard by establishing comprehensive and integrated systems in various areas such as financial resource management, human capital management, purchasing management and ...

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With more than 100 experienced experts and specialists, Irisa Industrial Automation Department is able to perform all stages of engineering and design, purchase of equipment, construction of control cabinets, implementation of software and project management of industrial control systems at levels. 1, 2 and 3 automation in various industries such as steel, oil, gas, petrochemicals, mines and non-ferrous metals and automobiles. This is one of the advantages that makes Irisa one of the few companies that can implement such projects at all levels of automation. is ...

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After the establishment of Irisa Company in 1992 and carrying out various projects in various organizations and expanding the use of computer systems in organizations, industries and companies, benefiting from infrastructure and computer networks that have been designed and implemented based on network engineering principles and relevant standards. It became an inevitable necessity. Therefore, Irisa Company, as one of the well-known IT companies, was expected to enter the field in response to the needs of customers and fulfill its mission of participating in projects ...

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Today, the important role of applying managerial knowledge in business success and achieving organizations to achieve their goals has been revealed to everyone, and leading companies try to use the best tested global experience and adapt the concepts and models of their business management reference. In order to complete the value creation basket to customers, in 2016, business consulting has added to its set of services and products.

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